Drainage and Storage Board FKD 60BO

Optigrün Drainage and Storage Board FKD 60BO under intensive roof greening in multi-layer construction and temporarily drivable gravel lawn without gravel base layer filled with Drainage Material Perl 8/16

  • Unfilled installation under intensive roof greening is possible with a substrate height of up to 400 mm in combination with Optigrün Filter Fleece FIL 300 (it is not possible for vehicles of any kind to drive over the unfilled Optigrün Drainage and Storage Board FKD 60BO)
  • Suitable for non-pitch roofs
  • Rapid draining of excess water
  • Vapour permeable - suitable for inverted roofs
  • Lightweight super structure with high drainage capacity
  • Surrounding edge overlaps
  • Filling without risk of shifting apart
  • Cross and T-joints possible - minimal offcuts


Material Recycled HDPE
Compressive strength filled approx. 650 kN/m² with 10%
compression, filled flush with chippings 2/5
Water discharge capacity
(DIN EN ISO 12958)
i = 0.02 (=2 % roof pitch): 2.29 l/(m*s)
Nominal thickness approx. 60 mm
Grammage approx. 2.3 kg/m²